Matthew 28:8  (ESV)

8 So they departed quickly from the tomb with fear and great joy, and ran to tell his disciples





The cover for this book reveals a story that we as Christians often may find ourselves in, during times of great trials and storms. The woman on the tightrope, is exhibiting her courage, her ability to balance while in the middle of her journey. She is stepping out with her arms  raised and her fingers on both hands forming the V for victory symbol. If she is afraid, she is still determined to cross the tightrope, she still has a ways to go to make it to the other side, yet she is already claiming her victory! This is what our lives as Christian should embody. We are living in tumultous times, earth shaking,world shaking, times. We are put to the test. Yet we can overcome anything with Christ! We can keep a healthy balance within our minds,wills,emotions and physical health. We have everything me need to be more than conquerors, more than  overcomers. Yes it will often require that we do it afraid. Whatever God is calling us to, we must be willing to, "Go" and do it. The beginning of fullfilling His plans and purposes for our lives, is making ourselves clean vessels, approved for use. When we determine to allow the convictions of His Holy Spirit to remove the necessary sinful carnal habits from our lives, we soon find ourselves becoming more and more obedient. Then at just the right moment, our calling becomes evident and He dispatches us to GO and do good works. As we begin to follow our calling, we will often have to push aside fear of failure, fear of being shuned, mocked, rejected and more. Yet when we GO against these feelings and do it anyway, this is when we find great JOY. We learn that obedience and fulfilling His plan for us, is so filled with JOY. We feel more secure in knowing we are pleasing Him. We have our identity and we now know, not just that we were born for a time such as this,but we know why He chose us! There's no more haunting questions like these, what am I here for? Why did Jesus choose me? Is there something more for me? Am I doing everything that I should be? Yes we will make mistakes as we begin walking our tightrope, but if we begin to lose balance, He is faithful to reach out and steady our steps. He will help us to do more than we ever thought we would be able to do. We will be a useful servant and in this we will have victory in everything until we finally reach the other side, the level ground of Heaven.

As you read this book I hope you begin to understand that our lives can be full of joy, joy that doesn't depend upon our circumstances, it only comes from our fellowship with our loving Wonderful counselor,Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace, ( Jesus).