This book is written in the hopes to help you walk out your faith and strengthen your belief. I have found such a deep and abiding peace in this fallen world that only comes with a relationship with The Almighty Living and Reigning God and His Son Jesus. This has given me the strength to face the storms in my life and my desire is to share how you can have this also in your lives.

We all struggle as Christians with our unbelief, which in reality is lack of faith. When an illness comes, we lose our job, tragedy comes to a loved one or any form of calamity strikes, we pray but then we often become anxious and full of worry. We can’t eat, we can’t sleep and we are consumed by our worldly affairs. This is so detrimental to our walking in faith.


You have taken an interest in this book because, you like so many of us, myself included, struggle with believing. Yet our Abba Father is not caught off guard by our failure to completely believe in Him. He knows we are just sheep and He is the Good Shepherd. We are called sheep not because it is a compliment. Sheep are not intelligent animals, they follow along blindly, they are stubborn and they are prone to wander. We fit the simile extremely well. Yet Abba Father has given us the Holy Spirit to lead His sheep. We need to let the Holy Spirit guide us and lead us, we need to follow in faith, knowing that God works all things together for the good of those who love Him and are called to His purpose.