I am a Christian inspiration author and also a fantasy fiction author of a trilogy, (The Lands of Nod) and a novel, (The Tales of the Wimpet King).


I have 4 grown children 2 grandchildren and have been married for over 34 yrs. I am simply a Christian who has been given the gift of writing.

About the Author:

It has been my heart’s desire to write since I can remember. As a young girl and throughout my adolescence there was nothing that could compare to curling up on my bed and writing poetry or short stories. I could escape all reality and travel to faraway places and different times. I would become a part of the very words that I created. The words just flowed from my pen then, never-ending; they brought me so much enjoyment. I kept two larger folders of my work and only allowed certain family members such as my parents to read them. My father had always wanted to be a cartoonist, but his work led him far away from his dream. For fun he sent away for drawing assessment tests, which he always did very well at. He tried to encourage me to not let my dreams to write pass me by.

 He died rather suddenly when I was almost 19. To this day I miss him dearly. I did not heed his advice and soon work and family consumed all of my time. Never the less, I still never found the time to write. I was very fortunate though to spend a lot of time with my children as they grew up, as my work was home based. I have always shared their love of fantasy in books and movies. My children are all grown now, and I am finally able to pursue my writing. At last I can go into the far recesses of my mind and become that youthful girl again, that loved to put her thoughts on paper. My only hope is that the reader will thoroughly enjoy my books as much as I have enjoyed creating them. 

My objective is to write books that are encouraging and entertaining to all ages that portray Godly values and inspirations. I want my Christian books to inspire others to live Jesus-centered lives. I want my fantasy books to entertain and encourage the creative processes of the minds of the reader. Ten percent of all profits will be donated to my favorite Christian charities, Samaritan's Purse, Food for the Poor, Gospel for Asia, Bibles for the World, Christ for all Nations, Voice of the Martyrs etc. These ministries involve reaching out to remote regions of the world to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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